Gray772:21:29pmmcm mana nak download
Player2:22:28pmplease bagitau cara download game
Power4:43:52pmGo to the link i share on top la.. just download the zip and install.. so easy
Player1:53:10amaku baca chat ni ada je yg masih nk main. admin pemalas. ****
Player1:53:18amaku baca chat ni ada je yg masih nk main. admin pemalas. ****
Power8:27:28amJust come join me at new server la
Random6:32:43pmMalaysian server. Server baru beberapa hari on, jom serang
Player8:49:08pmwebsite pun berterabur macam gempa bumi
Player8:50:37pm@Random - gombak gamerz pak hang. orang nak malaysian gamerz
Power1:02:32pmjom server, semua orange malaysia
Emily10:12:50pmanyone play paradisesv ro ?
butu12:34:09pmxde orang nak men paradise tuh
Power11:21:30pmParadiseSvRo Same as Ero, when i play got around 50+
Nina11:49:26pmParadisero corrupted.. sell apple item with stat
JC2:16:56pmhidup lg ke server ni?
recal11:54:42pmmcm mati je
power7:46:33amWe should find new server and i'm playing at new server now. Come join me,
GM019:07:33pmJemput semua ke server Malaysia.
Rusty9:24:22pm@power - ok I will hehhee
taewra11:06:36pmON THE SERVER PLEASE
Unknown8:25:44amGuys, this server is temporary only closed because of some problem. will open (online) back on feb 2017.
Unknown8:26:35amjust wait until gm announce it.
Power11:08:36amif really temporary, why gm no announce on fb?
Power3:22:09pmIf gm really care us, then should atleast update on facebook and let us know what happend
Power5:24:51pmNvm, i'm playing new server now. who willing to come, just follo
Power5:25:38pmjust follow me to new server,
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